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Project 'CLEAN' - Underwater Cleaning for Professional Shipping

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HAI-TECH Project
Mobile techniques for leisure boat hull cleaning
Antifouling biocides in German coastal & inland waters - How reliable are exposure prognoses of EU scenario models for marinas?
Foulprotect – Fouling Prevention and Protection of Bio-Corrosion for the Maritime Industry
Project of cleaning leisure boats 2012 – 2014
Testing of mobile cleaning tools on hulls of leisure boats
Survey on the Practice with Antifouling Coatings in Marinas of Lower Saxony

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Marine Fouling is threat for a multitude of technical devices in freshwater and a dominant problem in marine waters. Macrofouling can enhance the weight and the friction resistance to such a degree that a ship cannot speed ahead. Fouling at intakes of open cooling systems may reduce the amount of sucked to such a degree that the plant has to be shut down. Nets in mariculture can be fouled and clogged effectively thus leading to asphyxation of of fish oyster or abalones. Sludge may be fouled by sponges or oysters leading to malfunction or destruction of the anticorrosive coatings.

Since 1991 LimnoMar has been working on the development of effective antifouling systems causing no threat to humans and wildlife. Up to now, and as a general conclusion based on the long term experience, no universal valid and effective solution will be at hand. Instead customer and unit adapted solutions are at hand and have carefully to be selected. LimnoMar offers along with the investigation of innovative systems consultancy for customers focussing the most advanced systems with own experience.

Since 2018 LimnoMar transferred the Biological Station at the island Norderney to the company Brill, where all trials on efficacy of fouling prevention systems can be performed according to national and international standards. These tests comprise i.a.:

  • Fast screening of barnacle larval settlement
  • Static and dynamic simulated field tests on panels
  • Field tests on vessels with test patches 
  • Static exposure of coatings under simulated offshore condition
  • Measurement of the adhesion force of barnacles
  • Evaluation of coating condition after long term exposure and/or cleaning impact

Please contact for efficacy tests Brill Antifouling at Norderney:


Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH
Am Hafen 10
D-26548 Norderney, Germany
elephone: +49 40 557 631-0




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